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Stèph De Suisse

Well, thanks for the blog, it looks very useful.
My boss promised me an Ipad for September so I'm trying not to get one before....
Having said that,I've been thinking about the ipod touch for months (my daughter has got one). Now you've got the ipad, do u sometimes use the other one and can u work efficiently with the ipod touch (beamer?). Would it be twice the same device somehow (but for its size?). I do not have any smartphone.
Merci, Stéphanie

Jeffrey Hill

Hi Stéphanie,
Despite its name, I haven't touched the iPod Touch in a while, and now I've got the iPad it will probably end up in a drawer somewhere. I always found the screen was too small for many of the things I wanted to do (typing is a nightmare) and I use my iPod Nano for music. Like you, I haven't got a smart phone (or any mobile phone!) The new iPad provides a much richer experience and I'm delighted with it.

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